The history of the castle

Our family has owned the Château de Mauvilly since 1971. It was the beginning of an exciting adventure and the occasion of beautiful family and friendly meetings.

It has undergone a major renovation (wood pellet heating), chambers and comfortable bathrooms…).

Situated in the north of the Côte d’Or, one hour from Dijon, the château’s environment is exceptional, in the heart of a preserved natural environment at the gateway to the National Forestry Park.

The first traces of the castle of Mauvilly appear in the 12th century. The wooden fortifications were replaced by stone walls in the 13th century.

The de Blaisy family was the first owner. This family occupied the barony of Mauvilly from 1317 to 1539. The chapel (still consecrated) was built during this period at the end of the 15th century. Until 1756 the castle remained in the same family.

At that time, the Fevre de Gurgy family bought the Château de Mauvilly, which remained in the family until 1893.

From that date until 1971 he spent time between various hands.

The Hegner family has owned it for over 50 years.

The inscription of the Château de Mauvilly as a Historic Monument was motivated by “the permanence of the site’s occupation since the medieval period and its interesting historical stratification testifying to the evolution of the medieval castle, from its defensive function to the transformation into a pleasure residence and agricultural estate in the modern period. The three current buildings bear witness to this: the “chapel” building, the “large castle” (where the guest rooms are located) and the “small castle”.